Collaborators of Biotechnology 2018

World Biotechnology Congress (2) (1)


It is our great pleasure to formally invite #biotechnologists #researchers #Scientists #biologists # youngscientists #bio-sectorindustrialists to participate for our upcoming esteemed conference entitled “World Biotechnology Congress in Collaboration with Swiss biotech Association and Regenerative Medicine ” focused on the topic of Proliferation of Biotechnology in all areas of Life.

The conference will held during July 16-17, 2018 at Berlin, Germany.

World Biotechnology Congress 2018 offers many continuing education sessions, including invited symposia, workshops and many more. Conference sessions will include information about current concepts and research development in the field of Biotechnology.

Our participants also receive other privileges like
” An opportunity to be the plenary speaker for the Biotechnology 2018 conference
” An honourable position as the chair/co-chair for the session of your interest at the conference
” An opportunity to Edit or Author an E-book, with Pulsus Publishing Group
” An opportunity to launch your Book/Chapter/research work at the event
” An opportunity to join the Editorial Board of the Pulsus Group Journals
” An opportunity to conduct workshop/symposia of your University/Lab/Organization at the conference
” 25% waiver on registration for all the speakers and delegates of your Organization at the conference
” Preference for your organization to Exhibit at the Conference, with discounted rates

Join hands with World Biotechnology Congress on July 16-17 , 2018 , Germany and get a chance to meet the experts of the modern era from all across the world. For More info visit

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